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Customs clearance of goods from Turkey

One of the conditions for the transportation of goods between countries is the passage of customs control, which implies the implementation of a whole range of procedures for checking the cargo. The main purpose of customs control is the compliance of the goods with the norms established by law and correctly executed accompanying documentation. From competently and properly prepared documents for the cargo, not only the speed of checking the cargo at customs, but also the economic profit from its further destination depends. One of the priority directions of export cargo traffic is Turkey, which attracts entrepreneurs with a large assortment of goods of various production. However, any cargo crossing the border of the country will certainly require customs clearance. Customs clearance of cargo from Turkey takes place at the border customs points, where the verification procedure is carried out. One of the main points during transportation is proper customs clearance, which consists of the following main steps:

- accounting of registration data for the goods (declaration of goods);

- control of compliance with the rules of non-tariff regulation of goods;

- determination of the customs value and payments;

- customs control of transporting vehicles.

It is worth noting that customs services in Turkey are carried out by most qualified firms with many years of experience.

Transportation from Turkey to Moscow

Today, Turkey is one of the rapidly developing countries not only in Europe, but also in the world. One of the main reasons for the development of Turkey is the country's economy, which is completely focused on industrial production, textiles, tourism and much more. The country has developed industries such as metallurgy, engineering, chemical industry, light industry. That is, Turkey is engaged in the production of almost all necessary goods for both household and industrial purposes. One of the promising export destinations for Turkey is Russia, which has a huge consumer market. Another important factor is the geographical location of both countries, so, for example, it will not be difficult to transport cargo from Turkey to Moscow. Transportation can be carried out by air and ground communications in the shortest possible time. The presence of qualified transport and logistics companies will ensure the transportation of goods of any quantity and size. As a rule, groupage cargoes from Turkey and other regions of Russia are delivered on large-sized vehicles, which makes transportation as profitable as possible.

Trucking to Turkey

Transport and logistics services occupy one of the most significant sectors of the country's economy, since the territory of the Russian Federation is located on a transit corridor that unites both the Asian and European markets. One of the promising directions for the transportation of goods is Turkey, which, due to its geographical location, occupies a strategic role in international cargo transportation. Truck transportation to Turkey is economically very profitable, as Turkey is a kind of window to Europe and many eastern countries bordering on it. It is also worth noting that the Turkish economy was originally oriented towards the transit of cargo flows.

In addition, Turkey has large industrial regions that supply the Russian market and other Asian countries with a large flow of goods for various purposes. There are several main routes for transit, these are air, sea, and traditionally profitable land. Among all the possible cargo transportation, the most economically feasible is the trucking of Turkey. This type of transportation is due to the fact that it has a fairly good infrastructure and a number of quality companies providing transportation services.

Cargo transportation from Turkey

Turkey is one of the world powers with which Russia has good partnership relations. In many ways, this is why the delivery of groupage cargo from Turkey is so popular with our customers. The ProLine integrated logistics system offers you the services of delivering goods from Turkey in any way convenient for you. We guarantee an individual approach to solving your issue!


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