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Customs clearance of goods from Turkey

One of the conditions for the transportation of goods between countries is the passage of customs control, which implies the implementation of a whole range of procedures for checking the cargo. The main purpose of customs control is the compliance of the goods with the norms established by law and correctly executed accompanying documentation. From competently and properly prepared documents for the cargo, not only the speed of checking the cargo at customs, but also the economic profit from its further destination depends. One of the priority directions of export cargo traffic is Turkey, which attracts entrepreneurs with a large assortment of goods of various production. However, any cargo crossing the border of the country will certainly require customs clearance. Customs clearance of cargo from Turkey takes place at the border customs points, where the verification procedure is carried out. One of the main points during transportation is proper customs clearance, which consists of the following main steps:

- accounting of registration data for the goods (declaration of goods);

- control of compliance with the rules of non-tariff regulation of goods;

- determination of the customs value and payments;

- customs control of transporting vehicles.

It is worth noting that customs services in Turkey are carried out by most qualified firms with many years of experience.