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ProLine - Integrated Logistics System provides the following range of warehouse services with several consolidation warehouses in Turkey, in Istanbul

ProLine is a Russian logistics company with extensive experience in the storage and delivery of goods in the directions: "Turkey-Moscow" and "Moscow-Turkey". Warehouses, vehicles, our own loading and unloading equipment, as well as strong partnerships allow us to most effectively solve the tasks set by the client. We reliably fulfill our obligations in the following areas:

provision of services for the storage of goods and material assets of the customer,

Professional shipment of goods from the warehouse,

sea, air, rail and road transport of goods,

monitoring the quantity and integrity of the package on the way,

monitoring the condition of the goods from loading to delivery to the final consumer.

If you are looking for organizations that provide safekeeping services, Moscow is the city where there are a lot of such offers. However, you should carefully consider the proposed choice and carefully evaluate the track record of each carrier.

Proline, unlike its competitors, really ensures not only the safety of cargo transportation, but also the reliable storage of goods in the warehouse. Turkey is a priority foreign trade partner for us and for Russia as a whole. The volume of Turkish imports exceeds that of the rest of the Balkan region. Over time, the trade turnover only increases, the dynamics of Russian-Turkish cargo transportation is more significant than Western and Central European. About 90% of cargo is transported by sea, the rest by road and other transport.

We are well aware of the features and specifics of this market. Our liability to customers is insured by one of the largest European insurers with the highest reliability rating (A++).

Accompanying benefits of cooperation with our company:

reliable cargo insurance at affordable rates,

a wide range of additional services, including the preparation of accompanying documentation and assistance in customs clearance,

quality information support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The main principle of "ProLine" is the complete satisfaction of the needs of the client with his minimal involvement in the process of transportation and storage of goods. We take on all the tasks that we can solve without the presence of the customer.

One in the airport area, which allows for consolidation (cargo storage service) and cargo handling for further shipment by air, the other in the center for a more convenient supply of road transport.

If it is necessary to transport small volumes of goods internationally, consolidation warehouses (warehousing services) are especially convenient and practical. They reduce the amount of costs involved in transport. If you need to transport a small consignment of goods from Turkey, you do not have to bear the costs as an individual consignor. After the goods arrive at the warehouse, they are provided with storage services and any types of unloading and loading operations (both manual and mechanized), consolidation, and further waiting and combining with other consignments of goods, then sending them as a groupage cargo to Russia.

Timely processing of information on cargo flows, accounting and coordination of stored goods. Planning and implementation of any schemes for the delivery of goods, including "door-to-door" (from door to door), Secure storage services also include control over the quantity, integrity of the package and the condition of the goods.

The cargo transportation system consists of the following steps:

Your cargo is sent to the consolidation warehouse, where it is processed accordingly, after which the cargo is stored for some time to be combined with other consignments of goods, then the formed consignments of goods, after the export documents are issued, are sent to Russia, where the customs clearance of the goods and their import clearance take place, after which the goods are sent to your warehouse.